8888 Unique Ants

The Crypto Ant Colony is a collection of 8,888 unique Ants who unite together on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each ANT is unique, based on hundreds of well-designed elements that characterize a crypto enthusiast.

Entering The Crypto Ant Colony means joining a family full of people who believe in the future of Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain technology.

Welcome to
The Crypto Ant Colony

TCA is a collection of 8888 Crypto ANT NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Crypto ANT doubles as your ANT Colony membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through roadmap activation.

Your NFT is both an investment and a key that can open the doors to a premium community, which is called The Crypto Ant’s Colony and that will give you access to many exciting rewards and awesome events! Owning a Crypto Ant NFT means that, more than just owning a piece of art, you are part of a colony which grants you access to various benefits that will grow over time such as Merch and a free NFT collection drop. The first big events will come up in June 2022, following the launch of the collection.

Roadmap Here is what we have planned for this project.

Meet the TCA TEAM

Here is the team that is managing this project with the Artist. Don't worry, we also have 10 team members taking care of our Social medias, discord, marketing and more.


Founder, Marketing & Development.


Founder, Marketing & Development.

Bonie ANT

Blockchain Expert & Web3 Developer

The Creator – Himmansshu Jain

Himmansshu Jain, is an Indian entrepreneur, who is quickly becoming one of the most influential investors of our lifetime.

This is his first NFT drop and is a true believer of the web3.0 and metaverse.

As we are making our first steps towards shaping our realistic ANT colonies in the metaverse.

More About the Artist

Frequently Asked Questions

01When is the official Launch?

To give everyone a fair chance of getting a unique Crypto ANT NFT and avoid gas wars, we’ve chosen to use a raffle system. Then, on Monday, 27 June 8 PM CET you will be able to enter your wallet address for 12 hours to enter the raffle.

The software will choose the lucky winners who will be able to mint their The Crypto ANT on Tuesday, 5 July 8 PM CET.

02What will the mint price be?

We want to provide our community with the best quality art from a real artist for an affordable price. That is why we chose a mint price of 0.22 ETH (+ gas fees). If you are planning to hold your ANT, you will be rewarded with a FREE IKIVERSE NFT approximately 6-8 weeks after the official launch.

03How does the raffle work?

The raffle will happen between Wednesday, 29 June 8 PM and Thursday, 30 June 8 AM. In that timeframe, you will be able to enter your Ethereum wallet address. To give everyone a fair chance, we let our software decide who will be able to mint. Come back to our website on Thursday 30 June at 7:30 PM to see if you are one of the lucky winners who will be able to mint.

04How do I get whitelisted?

Unfortunately, the whitelist is full. You can either enter the raffle on Wednesday 29 June (8 PM CET) or buy your Crypto Bull NFT on our official OpenSea account:

05How Can I use my NFT?

You will be able to use your ANTs as an avatar in the Metaverse. As well as using it to unlock many members-only benefits and access to exclusive physical goods, the Status Symbols of the Future.

06What is the metaverse ?

The Metaverse is the World 3.0. The word refers to a shared virtual reality where everything and anything can be bought and sold just like on the markets, using cryptocurrency. The Crypto ANT will soon make a unique entrance into the Metaverse, and so can you by getting your hands on one of our digital art pieces.

07How can I avoid being scammed?

To limit this as much as possible, make sure to follow only our official Discord, Twitter and Instagram channels. WE WILL NEVER DIRECT MESSAGE You. For more information on staying safe: Check our #scam-warning channel on our Discord server. If you enter our website directly, pay attention to the spelling

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